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Lapis, Turquoise & Diamond Ring

Once again you came up trumps and sold me a lovely 1960s Lapis, Turquoise and diamond ring.
It needed re sizing but as usual nothing appears to be too much trouble and last Friday  my newly re sized ring arrived by special delivery….and I just love it!!
One of the things that I really like about dealing with you both is that I never feel under undue pressure to buy.
There is nothing worse than being made to feel uncomfortable when admiring the things on display – also hardly daring to voice a complimentary opinion about an item and then feeling terrible for not purchasing it.
Believe me this still does happen with some dealers and it definitely puts me off.
 I shall look forward to seeing you again but in the meanwhile I wish you every success and once more a big thank you for the great service.


June, Harrogate, UK   17 February 2020